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Business Background

Hi, I’m Andrea Restrepo. I am a Degree Qualified bookkeeper, BAS Agent, Business Advisor, and Founder of The Business Ally. 

I first moved to Australia in 2013. When I started The Business Ally in 2014 I discovered just how varied and complex Australian small-business regulations can be. Aside from learning a new language, making new friends, and finding my way around, starting a new business to generate income for my family was an additional challenge.

As a result of my own personal experience, I was able to confidently navigate the Australian accounting rules, and I am now uniquely positioned to assist and empower you in establishing your own business while also ensuring that you remain compliant.

As a business owner, when you work with a skilled bookkeeper like myself, you will not only stay up-to-date with your compliance, but will also gain a better understanding of your finances, implement strategies for a positive cashflow and therefore more successful achieve your goals.

The Business Ally also offer services in Spanish through Emigrantes Emprendedores.

Andrea Restrepo, Founder

Qualifications & Certifications


Tax Practitioners Board Registered BAS Agent


Bachelor of Business


Cert IV Financial Services (Bookkeeping)


Xero Accounting Software


Intuit QBO Quickbooks Online




Our passion is to empower business owners by helping you understand the finances of your business to make strategic decisions for a stronger and more profitable business


We are driven by our values, giving meaning to everything we do.


We believe in the power and potential of community to help others find their place in society. When we work as a team we are stronger, more efficient, and can achieve much more. It also enables us to encourage each other and celebrate our wins together.



We love working with small business owners who act in the best interest of everyone, and not just themselves. When we follow the rules and listen to recommendations from others with more experience, we can joyfully do the right thing and get the best results.


Understanding is the key to success. When you are clear about the local rules, your business, and your money, you will also enjoy peace of mind. Transparency allows you to stop worrying and focus on your goals instead.


When you realise you have so much more to offer to the world, you feel empowered to do it! Do not let impostor syndrome stop you from going after and getting the lifestyle you want.  


As a business owner, your learning should never stop. Aim to learn something every day, and implement it in your business, and your life. This way you will always be growing and life is easier too!

Meaningful work

Although your business is set up to earn you money, if you think of your business as a vehicle to impact others in a positive way, you will do what you love, and love what you do!

Minimum BAS agent requirements

If you’re looking for a bookkeeper, make sure they meet the minimum BAS agent requirements.

A bookkeeper can apply to become a Registered BAS Agent, once they meet the high standards of registration including:

Professional code of conduct

A BAS Agent follows a professional Code of Conduct so you’ll know what to expect from them.

Breaches can mean huge fines or loss of registration. To ensure you are protected, the code covers the following five areas:



A minimum of a Cert IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping or Accounting).


1,000 hours supervised experience lodging BAS during the past four years

Professional Membership

Membership with at least one professional bookkeeping or accounting body.

Professional Development

Maintaining knowledge and skills, taking relevant courses and keeping up to date with legislation.


Minimum of $1,000,000 professional indemnity insurance.

Honesty and Integrity

Acting honestly, complying with tax laws, dealing with money in a trustworthy manner.



Acting in best interest of client and managing conflicts of interest.



Not disclosing information to a third party without the client’s permission or legal duty to do so.


Taking reasonable care to ascertain client state of affairs and correctly apply GST and taxation laws.


Timeliness, professional indemnity insurance, and correct administration of laws.

Look for the registered BAS agent symbol

As of 1 March 2018, the ATO has required bookkeepers providing a BAS service to be registered.

Don’t risk your business with an inexperienced bookkeeper. It can be expensive, emotionally draining, and unnecessary experience.

Have confidence, knowing your bookkeeper is qualified and registered.

“Ask for help. Not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong.”


Professional Memberships and Certifications

We receive regular training, updates on GST, payroll and other relevant laws. Feel supported at all times knowing your bookkeeper is highly qualified and experienced.

We’re also certified in Xero and QuickBooks Online, which means that you are working with someone who knows the software inside out. Never feel stuck and overwhelmed with technology again.

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