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Should I have accounting software for my business?

The simple and clear answer is YES!!


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If you are serious with your business, you definitely need an accounting system that will support your business growth and make your life easier.
There are lots of accounting systems out there that you could use, but the ones we trust and recommend are QBO and Xero as
   > You can send professional quotes and invoices.
   > You can check your sales and who owes you quickly.
   > You can send reminders and statements (Following up on your creditors is vital)
   > You can track your expenses and easily identify if you are spending too much.
   > You can process payroll and be compliant with STP
   > You can process your BAS
   > You can generate reports such as TPAR.
   > You will avoid errors in data entry and save time by using bank feeds
   > You can add a payment option so your clients can pay online.
   > And much more..
However, for those systems to work properly for YOUR business, you need to make sure it is correctly set up from the beginning. Also, you need to know how to use the software, so you don’t create a mess that will cost you hundreds or even thousands to fix.
But no worries…We got you!
We will work with you, set up your accounting system correctly and give you basic training so you can process your own bookkeeping.
We also can offer you our support package, where we will be one email away from you and help you when you get stuck with processing something in the system (Perfect for new business owners).
Get your free 15 minutes consultation and find out how we can help your business prepare for growth.